CSHOP: The 1 Cryptocurrency that is Revolutionizing Ecommerce

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CSHOP Revolutionizing Ecommerce

There are literally thousands of crypto projects trying to gain some space inside the decentralized finance. But few of them are really trying to make something new and revolutionary.

Most people aren’t used to crypto, and that’s because new technologies are struggling to make something user-friendly; and here’s where CSHOP comes in!

Global e-commerce is not a luxury: it’s the best way to make cross-border businesses, giving all the possibility to buy and sell worldwide without any limitations. That concept is being applied nowadays and it’s revolutionizing the industry.


A brief history of CSHOP

One of our biggest inspirations is to create an e-commerce ecosystem without the need of complicated and boring monetary conversions. Through a single token, you can buy and sell anywhere, anytime.

In other words, CSHOP grants you the power to make businesses worldwide with a single token; you don’t have to convert BTC, BNB, ETH or whatsoever: just fill your cart with whatever you like and that’s it.

CoinShopp unified two segments in one great product: a robust and secure marketplace that uses its own crypto asset to simplify people’s life.

How to buy CSHOP?

The procedure is really simple: you can access our website and buy CSHOP at PancakeSwap, one of the most popular decentralized crypto exchanges in the world.

Click on “Connect Wallet” and connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet into PancakeSwap. Once your online wallet is paired with the platform, click on “Swap”.

You can convert your cryptocurrencies into CSHOP in a few seconds.

How do I use CSHOP inside the platform?

The procedure is intuitive and simple — just like the e-commerces you’re used to:

Log in to CoinShopp marketplace. If you don’t have an account, sign in;

Choose the item you prefer and click “Buy”.

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In the next screen, you can check the amount of CSHOP required to make the purchase and its value on USD. Click on “Buy” again.

On “Cart” screen, check if everything is correct. If you have a discount coupon, enter its code, then “Add Coupon”. Click on “Complete Purchase”.

Fill in the information in “Billing Details” and select the payment method: CSHOP (15% off on purchases) or any other of your choice.

To make a payment with CSHOP, click on “Connect Wallet” (MetaMask or WalletConnect). Click “Next” and allow the wallet to carry out this transaction.

Click on “Checkout”.

And that’s it — all done!

Don’t forget to check out regularly our official website. We are always putting interesting updates regarding the platform and DeFi alike. See you soon!

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