How Brazil is Gaining New Customers in Ecommerce with Cryptocurrencies

Jan 11, 2022 | Crypto | 0 comments


Cryptocurrencies aren’t just assets to hold as much as you can to make a buck in fiat. They are being used for what they were designed for: money to receive and pay for products and services. And it changes everything for the whole e-commerce ecosystem.

new customers

Digital assets are gaining ground during the last years over the world — and Brazil is no exception. According to Roberto Campos, governor of the Brazilian Central Bank, the population holds something around $ 40 billion in cryptocurrencies.

That’s a lot of money to purchase stuff online! How about putting some of it to good use?

CoinShopp is the first e-commerce focused on shopping with cryptocurrency. It uses its own token — CSHOP — to receive and make payments instantly. Think of it as a universal currency that can be used in ANY transaction inside its ecosystem, without the need to make boring monetary conversions.


That said, you can buy and sell from anyone in the world with a single token. Not a single e-commerce platform in the world has that feature.

But what can be bought with cryptocurrencies? Are there any limitations on products and services? Not really.

What can you buy with cryptocurrencies?

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CoinShopp was just recently released but you can find a lot of interesting things to buy. You can get Gift Cards to use on popular platforms like Uber, iFood, Netflix and a lot of content for your favorite video games.

You can also buy AAA-titles, like Battlefield 2042, the last release of the franchise made by DICE and published by Electronic Arts (EA).

Do you like to customize your weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: You can get some skins for it inside our platform.

You can also put your products to sale in the platform — and receive payments in CSHOP to make your life a lot easier!

There are a lot of things to get inside CoinShopp — register now and discover!

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