Buying Steam Gift Card With Crypto: See How! (TUT0RIAL)

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If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll most likely have Steam installed on your system. After all, it’s the biggest gaming platform in the world for computers.

Steam is a digital distribution by Valve — the company responsible for Half-Life, a classic and revolutionary first-person shooter (FPS) released in November 1998.


In September 2003, Valve released Steam and quickly became a reference for PC gamers around the world. It’s a smashing hit: the platform registered 26.09 million concurrent users in September 2021.

There are a LOT of sales throughout the year, which is one of the things that call for so many concurrent users: Steam Lunar Sale, Steam Summer Sale, Steam Winter Sale… You name it. The discounts are up to 95% on selected products.

You can buy Steam Gift Cards at CoinShopp to add more games to your library — or even give them to those you care about!

See how easy it is to get your hands on your Gift Cards through our platform:

How to buy Steam Gift Cards at CoinShopp?

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Follow these quick steps and play hard:

Search for “Steam” on the search engine, then select the Gift Card you want.

In the next screen, you can check the amount of CSHOP required to make the purchase and its value in USD. Click on “Buy” again.

On the “Cart” screen, check if everything is correct. If you have a discount coupon, enter its code, then “Add Coupon”. Click on “Complete Purchase”.

Fill in the information in “Billing Details” and select the payment method: CSHOP (15% off on purchases) or any other of your choice.

To make a payment with CSHOP, click on “Connect Wallet” (MetaMask or WalletConnect). Click “Next” and allow the wallet to carry out this transaction.

Click on “Checkout”.

In a few moments you’ll receive your Gift Card with the code to insert into your Steam Account and exchange it for your favorite games!

You can add them as a discount coupon (if you can’t get the game for its full price) or to buy one or more games for the amount you currently have on your Steam Account.

Simple, isn’t it?

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Register now at CoinShopp, put your headset on and go for it!

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