Crypto Predictions 2022: What Should you Expect?

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Crypto Predictions 2022


There are more than 8.000 cryptocurrencies out there! If you’re new to this market, that can be a bit overwhelming at first.

The last year was very good for the crypto market as a whole; the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are booming, Bitcoin has recovered from a steep downtrend and a lot of great blockchain projects appeared.

Crypto Predictions 2022

Amid so many options, which ones should you look closely at?

To make your life easier, check out these cool projects that you could support in 2022. Remember: cryptocurrencies are often volatile and offer great risks, so once you’ve made your decision, you’re on your own, ok?

Top cryptocurrencies for 2022

Ethereum (ETH, 2.0 update)

In its current state, Ethereum is facing a lot of scalability issues; thus, other blockchain projects began to arise. However, Ethereum 2.0 is being tested as we speak, and everything indicates that it could be released throughout this year.

There are deep changes within ETH 2.0. The current consensus protocol (Proof of Work) is going to end and will be changed to Proof of Stake. In short, that means that you can block/reserve a certain amount of ETH tokens to start the mining process.

That said, Ethereum 2.0 can drastically change the current scenario (slow transactions, expensive gas fees, network instability, etc) and rise in value fast.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

The biggest crypto exchange in the world created a solution for decentralized projects. Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain designed to be simple and easy to use for developers and users.

Unlike Ethereum in its current state, transactions on BSC are fast and cheap (with gas fees around 5 gwei). The project is so reliable that a lot of developers are using it to run their blockchain projects.

PancakeSwap, Spartan Protocol, and BSCex are just some examples of projects running on BSC — there are many others out there!

CoinShopp Token (CSHOP)

E-commerce is one of the strongest businesses in the world — there’s no denying it. That said, there’s plenty of room for growth if you play your cards right.

You can buy and sell anything at CoinShopp using CSHOP, its financial token. There’s no need to waste time on boring and long conversions to know how much you’re paying for something — CSHOP has you covered.

Tokenization helps you buy and sell worldwide since you’re going to use the same coin in any transaction. That makes things a lot faster than any other marketplace on the internet.


Polkadot (DOT)

This is one of the most ambitious blockchain projects out there: one of the main goals of the team is to make a blockchain capable of intercommunicating with other ecosystems.

DOT, the platform’s token, is used as a “fuel” for the mainnet. Using it will help the blockchain run smoothly and securely.

Through Polkadot, you can create parachains (parallel blockchains that are entwined with the main blockchain). That makes the mainnet fast and reliable.

The bottom line

This is a promising year, indeed — lots of projects appeared on the map and they’ve been growing fast. Those are some of the most preeminent blockchain platforms, with billions of dollars worth of crypto being staked on them.

Good performance, ambitious roadmaps, and great performance are some of the criteria used in this list.

Bitcoin wasn’t mentioned intentionally. After all, Bitcoin is always a good bet, period.

Register now at CoinShopp and start making businesses worldwide!

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