Rio de Janeiro Wants to Incentivize Paying Taxes with Cryptocurrencies

Jan 20, 2022 | Crypto, News | 0 comments

Rio de Janeiro Wants Taxes with Cryptocurrencies

One of the largest cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, is going crypto as we speak. According to the mayor Eduardo Paes, 1% of the state’s funds will be used to invest on crypto.

Rio de Janeiro

Pedro Paulo, finance secretary, said that users paying with Bitcoin will get 10% discount on certain taxes.

The announcement took place at the Rio Innovation Week, an event focused on modernizing the state. The mayor did his lecture along with Francis Suarez, Miami’s mayor.

If you live in Miami or wishes to pay a visit to the city, you will see that the mayor also released Miamicoin — a cryptocurrency for its inhabitants! According to Suarez, the use of a digital asset helped the city by creating new crypto tax incentives.

But everything is on planning yet — the government must check regulations to implement these changes correctly.

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