4 Trends in E-commerce Expected in 2022

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4 Trends

Buying online is easier than ever. You can even use crypto to make purchases and receive payments for both products and services — just like we do at CoinShopp!

There are some trends that you should follow in 2022. Some products are gaining even more visibility throughout the network, which means that a lot of them will be getting interesting discounts.

Follow these tips and begin to mark as favorite the pieces that shine you the most:




Augmented Reality (AR)

Good pictures are nice to make good purchases: but what if you could check products using 3D models?

This technology is being implemented more commonly lately and gives you the possibility to preview experiences using some articles in 3D. The technology can be used in real estate ads, glasses frames, furniture, clothing — you name it.

If you need to buy some makeup but don’t know if the colors are going to match your skin tone, worry not: you can apply them virtually to see if everything will work as planned.

You can try before you buy (virtually, of course) with surgical precision!

4 Trends

Social e-commerce

Social media platforms are one of the most accessed services around the internet — almost everyone has an account in at least one of them. Because of it, a lot of them are accepting payment methods so regular users and businesses can close deals directly inside these platforms — and that’s what social e-commerce is all about.

E-commerces that are connected to social media platforms are also placing their bets on the younger generations, which are more likely to buy online.


Non-fungible tokens are booming faster than anyone could’ve expected: they can be used as a mechanism for blockchain games, selling artistic works, and many other financial activities.

Being the proprietor of an NFT ensures that you are the rightful owner and everything that resides within your purchase. They can be sold to others through marketplaces or even peer-to-peer (P2P), without the need for further assistance.

This market niche surpassed US$ 40 billion in valuation in 2021. It is expected to go even higher during 2022!


It’s impossible to talk about e-commerce trends without mentioning the idea of metaverse: businesses are buying virtual lands to create online shops and other kinds of e-commerce.

You can build anything on metaverse. But let’s stick to online shopping, shall we?

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Some famous brands have already embraced the metaverse, such as Gucci, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, and Samsung.

Buying inside a metaverse is like shopping inside a customized virtual city (gamers know the feeling). You can even talk directly to sellers and ask for a bargain!

Metaverse is the ultimate trend for customization and immersion within e-commerce — a bold statement, for sure, but a dream becoming true as we speak.

The bottom line

There is no denial that blockchain technologies are enhancing the way we buy and sell online. Besides, some recent hardware can improve things even further.

Since buying online is becoming so common among people, their experience must be as real as possible: augmented reality and metaverse are here to stay and make things easier for everyone.

Big brands are already giving their first steps into those innovations — and you should check them closer to make a glimpse of what’s coming next.

Things are indeed getting interesting.

Register now at CoinShopp and put that crypto to good use!

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