Ecommerce Sales Surpass Shopping Centers

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Ecommerce Sales

Digital businesses are facing some challenges in the last years — and the pandemic is the one to blame, it seems. COVID-19 is on top of health concerns worldwide and that forces all commerce to rapidly adapt to the new reality.

Since leaving your house isn’t as safe as it was before the disease, users are much more likely to buy and sell goods and services online when possible. It’s of utmost importance to prevent being infected as much as you can, after all.

Check some data regarding the financial health of online shopping:

Big numbers in Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce Sales

According to Sensormatic, half of the consumers were more likely to buy products in physical shops; the other part would prefer to go online and take whatever they desire.

Some predictions say that the scenario is about to change soon: most users will prefer to do online shopping instead of going into physical businesses.

McKinsey reported that 75% of consumers tried to reach out to new ways of using the internet because of the coronavirus. That means that a lot more users are more likely to do online shopping than ever before.

All these data are categorical: consumption habits are changing drastically, and business owners must be prepared for what’s coming next.

Adaptation in Ecommerce Sales

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51% of executives in North America and Europe invested in technology to expand their businesses online in 2020. That created a scenario that put all other predictions to shame — nobody believed it was possible.

In short, investing in new tech to provide better services on the internet is the key to success in e-commerce.

Here’s where CoinShopp comes in

With so many marketplaces out there, why would you choose CoinShopp? Well, there are plenty of reasons to:


● You can use CSHOP, its native token to sell and make purchases of goods and services without the need to make conversions.

● The ability to provide simplified transactions makes international deals extremely easy and non-bureaucratic.

● There’s no safer technology on the internet than blockchain. That said, your funds and transactions are completely safe throughout the whole process.

● All processes can be audited through blockchain: there’s not a single cent left behind anyone’s eyes.

● You can even use CSHOP as a long-term investment if you so desire — something that’s not available in any other e-commerce platform out there.

You can always see what’s new at CoinShopp: click here!

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