Creating a Digital Experience in Metaverse: What is to be Expected

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Digital Experience in Metaverse

Things are already being shaped by some businesses inside the metaverse: Samsung created its online shop inside a 3D world and users from all around the world can check their wares and make purchases.

Other big brands are following this trend: Gucci is giving its first steps inside the new concept, as well as Coca-Cola and Louis Vuitton.

But how can your brand enter the metaverse? All businesses can help shape this landscape if they so desire.

Designing a new world with Digital Experience

Digital Experience

Metaverse isn’t only for buying and selling goods. There are plenty of options available for those who wish to reduce waste and improve productivity.

Jensen Huang from Nvidia said that the metaverse could be used as a simulation for manufacturing and logistics, which could help companies hone their skills at filtering their financial results.

Microsoft is aiming to expand their social networks inside this new concept too: Microsoft Teams, for example, will receive 3D avatar models so users can create online meetings with great immersion.

These examples illustrate how far the connectivity between individuals is going — and we should expect even more solutions soon.

E-commerce with Digital Experience

Imagine that you want to buy some clothes, but you’re not sure if they’ll fit you nicely enough. Inside a metaverse store, you could have precise information about all their characteristics and choose the right wares.

The same goes for other types of goods: some of them can be virtually tested before buying — A digital experience,  and that will change the way consumers behave for good.

If you have any questions regarding some product or service, you can ask directly to the shop clerk — a person in bone and flesh using its avatar to serve you anytime. The experience is very similar to a physical shop, but you don’t need to leave your house for it.

It may look too futuristic for some, but that kind of experience is slowly becoming a reality inside decentralized ecosystems. Decentraland and Roblox are giving their first steps towards it: parallel words where you can build and do anything.

Investing in CoinShopp

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Even if metaverse isn’t only directed for businesses, it’ll surely embrace e-commerce with a passion. After all, users doing a stroll inside a virtual city will certainly see your brand and give it a peek to know what’s inside.

Investing in serious projects regarding marketplaces and decentralized finance (DeFi) is the key to its success.

We at CoinShopp are developing a healthy and transparent e-commerce ecosystem for the masses — and you can be a part of it, too!

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