Online shopping: 5 things you need to know to prepare for the next decade

Feb 13, 2022 | Criptomoedas, Crypto | 0 comments

Our hardware has evolved a lot in the last decade. Even smartphones can enter the metaverse — even in virtual reality. Just put your goggles on and you’re good to go.

Besides, machine learning and big data are being implemented to make users’ lives even easier inside the web. With the growing number of new users, new technologies need to arise, and older ones need to be enhanced, or even replaced, to maintain a healthy online environment.

According to Digital Commerce 360, consumers spent around US$ 871 billion buying goods and services online. A nice improvement compared to 2020 (US$ 762 billion).

But how to prepare for the next trillion-dollar decade?

Pay with the coin you want

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Cryptocurrencies showed users that they CAN choose their preferred digital assets to close deals: this is something that most e-commerce’s are looking into. Everything is about providing payment options based on their choice.

Customizing payments

“Buy now, pay later” is becoming more frequent nowadays — that’s because it transmits trust and quality to its users. Through blockchain solutions, coupons and special discounts can be automatically applied depending on the user’s needs.

Smart contracts can be developed so all the processes can be automatically validated.

Enhanced automation

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Older systems are interesting and all, but not that safe or efficient in combating fraud. Legacy software usually can’t process complex transactions and algorithms in a scalable way — here is where blockchain shines.

Online businesses are more likely to become automated to provide exciting new opportunities for their users, as well as more security and customization.

Full immersion when shopping

Buying some things on the internet can be taboo for some users: how could you buy a t-shirt and be sure that it’ll fit perfectly? The new technologies (metaverse, 3D models) can do the trick: you can check all the dimensions and see if they fit you up correctly before buying.

Real estate businesses can do wonders by using these technologies: clients will be able to visit places without the need to physically be there.

Fewer credit cards and authentications


New tech is being developed so users could buy and sell goods and services on the internet without the need for credit cards or prolonged authentication processes.

A single digital fingerprint will be enough to validate transactions: retailers will be able to check all the necessary information about the buyer and send the goods without any bureaucracy.

The bottom line

Some topics may sound too futuristic for some, but that’s okay: it’s hard to follow up on the latest tech trends. There’s a whole lot of them!

But every single aspect described here is being developed and enhanced as we speak — and they’re coming shortly.

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