CoinShopp Roadmap: Where we are now and where we are heading

Feb 15, 2022 | Crypto, Criptomoedas | 0 comments

One of our core values is to provide the best of two worlds into a single environment: enhanced security and integration through blockchain and an e-commerce platform that is easy to use.

None of the options out there provides everything that CoinShopp does: you can buy and sell goods and services by using a single token (CSHOP), which makes things a lot easier — especially for closing deals overseas.

Since there’s no need to make monetary conversions to do business, CoinShopp aims to be as simpler as possible for its users — and you can try it now if you want.

But how are things by now? What is to be expected for the next months?

CoinShopp now and later


Since our launch, CoinShopp has released the e-commerce platform and it’s conducting marketing campaigns to present the new trend to veterans and newbies alike.

Things are growing amid the crypto community, but we’re aiming even higher. But there is so much more waiting to happen!

We’re studying new business partnerships to improve our services even further — and you could be a part of it. Email us if you’re up for some chatting.


There are some interesting things that’ll be released soon, such as:

ºLoyalty program

ºAMA YouTube channel



ºPhysical products

ºCardano cross-chain

ºAndroid and iOS app

ºExchange listing

ºNew exciting products and services

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As you can see, our roadmap has just started! By using our platform, you’re helping the project evolve faster and to provide more robust services for both retailers and consumers.

The main goal is to build a friendly and healthy ecosystem for everyone; we don’t care if you’re new into crypto or not — there’s plenty of room for all.

If you want to take part in this disruptive tech inside online shopping, register now at CoinShopp!

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