How CoinShopp is creating a disruptive community

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E-commerce is booming around the world and CoinShopp aims to solve some issues that exists inside traditional environments.

This niche moves around US$ 4.9 trillion annually in the United States — and we’re not talking about other countries! England, for instance, is responsible for 14% of the whole market share. Europe is a strong market, indeed.

But there are some things that the traditional marketplaces aren’t doing that could do wonders for both consumers and retailers alike: the massive use of blockchain and cryptocurrency to make things even more interesting.

But how does CoinShopp creates a disruptive community?

A single token for everyone


CSHOP is the official CoinShopp token: with it, you can buy anything without the need of making boring and complicated conversions. That means that you can close deals worldwide in a second!

You can always use your credit card for purchases, of course — but why use it if you can get a 15% discount on every purchase by using CSHOP?

Easy to use

You can always send money to a company of even an individual by using CSHOP as a currency. Once transferred, the money will get to its new owner in a few instants, avoiding any unnecessary bureaucracy.

It’s cheap

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CSHOP runs inside the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is known for its speed and low fees for transactions. That said, you can send money to others by paying just a penny.


Most platforms insert limitations regarding transactions and negotiations inside marketplaces; that’s not the case at CoinShopp! Disruptive Community.

You can do unlimited transactions anytime you want. Just pay the transaction fee and you’re good to go.

Better disruptive security


Being safe when doing online payments is key for a healthy environment. By using the latest blockchain technologies, CoinShopp is way more secure than most e-commerces available out there.

The bottom line

Tired of losing money and time because of conversions? Is making international purchases a living nightmare? Fear not — crypto is here to help you out with that.

But CoinShopp does more than just a marketplace: it’s a digital asset that can be transferred to anyone, anytime, with very low fees.

If you’re looking for accessibility, safety, and freedom, CoinShopp is the way to go — register now!

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O que você pode comprar com CSHOP? Veja aqui!

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