What are the next challenges for e-commerce?

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The world has changed a lot since the pandemic began. Old habits are now a thing in the past: to endure this new reality, businesses are adapting themselves to the internet.

Would you like to see what’s next? Check this out:

E-commerce and crypto

Cryptocurrencies are beginning to be used by mainstream users, and that opens a whole lot of options for both consumers and retailers: better technology provides faster, safer, and cheaper transactions for both sides.

That is why CoinShopp exists: we believe that e-commerce should be more accessible and simpler than it is, reducing costs and providing borderless solutions for goods and services.


Data security

It isn’t possible to make businesses without taking good care of users’ data. Blockchain provides enhanced security for any kind of niche — including marketplaces and such.

Security is one of the biggest challenges faced by this industry. Sensitive information such as addresses, credit card numbers, and passwords need some heavy cryptography to remain anonymous to attackers.


Online stores need to find the “perfect” customer to close deals and there are plenty of ways to filter them inside the network. Some blockchain solutions are aiming to make this filtering process more accurate than ever.

They could even help customers to find exactly what they’re looking for: it’s common to see advertisements that aren’t interesting inside social networks. But some new tech could change things forever.

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Better prices

With crypto, you can get better prices — period. There are fewer costs involved in the shopping process, which leads to more competition between retailers.

For instance, you’ll get a 15% discount every time you use CSHOP, our native token, to make purchases inside our marketplace.

And now, you can also use CSHOP with a credit card, since we just partnered with ZCore. To start using it is very simple: deposit the CSHOP token in ZCore and that’s it! You can now use the token on the ZCore card for payments.

Other similar initiatives are expected to arrive soon — and this is awesome!

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More people are buying and selling online; therefore, things need to improve to make the digital environment even more attractive to users.

Blockchain technology is helping the whole world to evolve in that matter: not only inside e-commerce but in any other aspect of our lives. Register now!

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