How to start using CSHOP with a credit card

Feb 28, 2022 | Crypto | 0 comments

Yes, you can get your own credit card use your CSHOP tokens with it! CoinShopp has firmed a partnership with ZCore, the first DeFi card in the world.

You can use your credit card inside millions of businesses and withdraw money from an ATM. Need to add some crypto to it? Just pay a 0,5% tax and you’re good to go.

credit card

See how easy it is to get yours:

How to get your ZCore Credit Card

Access the Zcore Finance website.

Now you need to download the app for your mobile phone (Android or iOS). Select it, then download it.

● Click on “Create account”, select your country and fill in your personal data.

● You’ll have to put your phone number so you can receive a 4-digit code to validate your information. Confirm it.

● After your number is confirmed, fill in the rest of the details and click on Continue.

● Now it’s time to create your password. Create a strong one to protect your information! After you’ve chosen your password, re-type it.

● Now you can log in by using your e-mail and password. Click on ZEFI Card.

● You’ll need to send a document (ID card, driving license etc.). Follow the instructions on the screen.

● Check if the pictures are legible, then click on Continue. That’s it: your information will be verified, and your credit card will be sent shortly.

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Buy with crypto

You can use dozens of currencies for your credit card — even CSHOP! You can use anything you want, though — you’re free to choose, after all.

Now that you know how to do it, register now at CoinShopp and start making businesses worldwide!

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